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Zephyr Rhapsody
01-08-2004, 04:27 PM
Well, everybody, we have our game shows ready to go. Our returning classic, "Anime Name that Tune," will return to invite a new victor to the annual championship in Katsucon 2005.

Also, "Otaku Family Feud" will be back with new categories, new prizes, and a lot more fun than last year. In order to contend, get four friends to form one "anime family" and attend the beginning of the game. Assign one "head of family" to represent the anime family in the trial session.

So, only a couple weeks until the return of the new tradition that is Ohayocon - rising star of the midwest. See everyone there.

Have fun, minna-san!

- Corey Gough
Zephyr Game Shows

PS I hope to see fans of Ohayocon in the audience of Katsucon 2004's "Anime Name that Tune" championship! Ohayocon 2002 victor, Chantal Cowen, will be representing Ohayocon! There will be amazing amounts of prizes for audience members at Katsucon 2003, too!