View Full Version : Hilde SC5 First Outfit

02-19-2012, 04:30 PM
So this years MCM is expo is around the corner and for my next project I want to take up th challenge of Hilde.
HildeSC5 (http://8wayrun.com/attachments/hilde-sc5-art-jpg.6013/)

I'm pretty good with the Namco Bandai community manager over in the UK so I've asked her to send me some more detailed character pictures for detail reference.

The plan is to start with a papermache breast plate and work my way outwards. I think if I get that right and all the detail in the corset type wrap in the middle then the rest should blend in easier.

The good news is that MCM is a while away so I've got a lot of time for this. If anyone has any hints or tips they would be much appreciated ^_^

I'm hoping to keep a good time line on this too so stay tuned for updates :)