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01-10-2004, 02:17 PM
hey hey first thread of the new year and you know what that means time to plan our havoc upon comic-con, so who's going?

01-10-2004, 03:20 PM
I just might. Not sure yet, it all depends how long I stay in Cali before heading back to the east coast for college ^^;; If I do go I'll be wearing my FFXI costumes.

01-11-2004, 10:54 AM
Oh I'm definately going....short of the convention center being hit by a meteor. Still not sure if I'm ganna drive or take the trolly.

01-14-2004, 08:29 PM
I'm also going, and usually I'd go all the days but... ... ...well, I know I'll be in the masquerade for sure. ^_^' 3rd year...heh.heh. I gots a super-secret costume this time! .... .... ....this convention just, well...it's changed...in a bad way -_-'...I guess it depends what my friends are doing. ^_^ that's all. . . I'll figure somethin' out.

01-14-2004, 10:13 PM
....this convention just, well...it's changed...in a bad way -_-'...

What do you mean by that? I have my own opinions on why its gotten worse, but what do you think?

01-14-2004, 10:55 PM
well, it just...has. people don't even ASK to take your picture, they just do...and people are rude, and the only people you can trust are fellow cosplayers... ... ...though there's a lot more 'fan people' ... '_'

01-14-2004, 11:04 PM
I'm there every year, but usually only one day. Hopefully that will be Saturday this year.

01-15-2004, 10:46 AM
heh.heh.heh. yeah, you need to be there to help me with my 'costume'...heh.heh.*hugs*

01-16-2004, 02:27 PM
ahem anyways my usaual 3 days for me unless i loaded with CASH i will sunday and clean out the dealers rooms, i almost have my natasha Radinov coustem made just licked up the gun props today nice looking ones too, no onword to make the coat, and Suzushichan, if you still have that handy stich pm me cause tax time i will take it off your hands.

01-19-2004, 09:37 PM
I might, I'm also trying for AX. Depends on if I have a job by then to get money or if I can find some other way to get money.

If I do go I'll probably have to wear the same costumefor both (I've never cosplayed before and am unemployed and do not know how to sew so even having ONE is gonna be hard for me.)

Miaka No Baka
01-19-2004, 10:11 PM
I'm hoping to attend, maybe just for a day or so at least. Since I'll now have some costumes that are more acceptable at a comic con lol ^_^; You'll see if u go to fanime and possibly ax what I'm talking about ^_^

Miaka no Baka

01-20-2004, 03:15 AM
Wait...what's innappropriate for comic con? lol
Should I go for a comic character for that one?

Miaka No Baka
01-20-2004, 11:28 AM
i didn't say inappropriate I said more acceptable. Not many anime characters are perceived well at sci-fi/comic cons. You blend in a bit more and get recognized even more in something sci-fi/comic so yeah...

Miaka no Baka

01-21-2004, 05:53 PM
Gah, I put this in the wrong thread, I put it in a basically dead one.... sorry for the double post.

I might be going, I dunno. I'm trying to go to this and AX. But I don't know how to sew and have never cosplayed. If I even manage to get a costume ready for AX, I'd have to wear the same one for comic con Unless there is a group still needing members who I would fit with and they could help me learn to sew and help me know what patterns and materials for the character? For reference, you can check my pic. To see if I'd be right for a character you're seeking, I'd prefer a group, otherwise I'll probably be alone cause nobody wants to accompany me as of yet. Sooo... yea.... *sigh*

01-22-2004, 08:56 AM
KirinPandora & I are definitely going. Got my room reserved, I need to start hunting for plane tickets now.
As for costumes the only things I'm planning now are an Imperial Officer (star wars) and Phoenix from X-Men.

01-28-2004, 07:13 AM
I'm definately going ^_^. Been going since 98... can't break the trend hehe.

01-30-2004, 12:26 AM
well see if I CAN go this year @____@

Eurobeat King
01-30-2004, 08:21 AM
I just booked my hotel room for the SDCC weekend.. I should've checked earlier this month if the hotels were available to reserve via the weekend, and now almost ALL the hotels are booked!! :thumbsup: 2 years ago I stayed at the Hyatt which was pretty close, and last year I stayed at the Westin Horton Plaza, but BOTH are already full, so luckily I got a room at the Horton Grand hotel which is one of the closest hotels to the convention center. (Admin did some of Justin's photoshoot at this hotel.)

So if you're going to book a room for SDCC this summer, do it NOW before the hotels are all full.. I figure they might be by next week. :lost:

Moon Prince
02-17-2004, 07:39 PM
I'm not sure if I'm going thins year... I didn't go last year...

The friends I go with aren't into the cosplay thing... and it hurts their heads when I do it. I may end up going to Otakon, so I will need to save up.

02-27-2004, 06:10 PM
^___^ yay! I finally get to go!

This is it, the year my Bishounen Hunters come out from hiding!:crylaugh:

Sexy Leopard
03-09-2004, 01:08 PM
I may be living down in SD by the time this comes around. So i will def. be going at least one day! I'm prob. be bringing tifa since right now shes the only video game charecter i have and i know james loves it *cough cleavege cough* soooo much!. If my I-NO gets done in time maybe bring her.

03-10-2004, 05:50 PM
i might be going,but i doubt i will have alot of costumes this year,i have fallen so far behind in comics. i might be going as xev from the cult tv show lexx or take my chances with star wars's slave leia or ffx2gunner yuna woooo

a friend of mine has booked a hotel room already so i will stay with him if i go :jjacks: .one of the closest to the cons im told cuz i know my feet will be swore after walking the con all day :rolleyes:

Eurobeat King
03-13-2004, 11:08 PM
Jade: Can't wait to see ya again this year at SDCC, as it was fun hanging with you, as well as taking pics of you in your DangerGirl, X-men, and Resident Evil groups. :) Finally if you bring your Gunner Yuna I'll get to take pics of that, which I was hoping to see last year at SDCC.. But this year fersure?

SexyLeopard: I don't think I've officially met you before, but I've seen pics of you and your Tifa costume, and hopefully at AX and/or SDCC (both BUSY cons!) I'll take some photos. That as well as the FF-XBV costume you'll have at AX for that gathering. :) Good luck with your I-No costume!!

It looks like I might only have 2 costumes for SDCC: Shinji on one day (either Thursday or Friday) and then the costume for the masquerade. Besides those, I'll mainly be dashing back n' forth the convention center, taking pics (no, really?) in regular clothes..

See you all then! :skidude2:

03-14-2004, 06:07 PM
*gasp!* omg! omg! you're going to be in the masquerade!?!?! yay!!! ^O^
see ya' back stage! ^_^

Eurobeat King
03-14-2004, 06:32 PM
Suzuhichan: *nod* I'll be turning in my registration form for the masquerade this week, so hopefully with about 4 months to go, that should be enough time for me to get a spot in the SDCC masqy. Plus it'll let me backstage with all my friends that I know, and allows me to take pictures of cosplayers before/after their skits. :) Last year I was at the press-stage with the Admin, but my pictures turned out OK (that was using my old-camera back then) and since there were sooo many photographers, all the pics looked like everyone else's.. :thumbsup: So I figured this year in 2004, why not be in the masquerade for SDCC to have fun, get pictures, and perhaps win something with my costume!! :skidude2:

03-15-2004, 02:36 PM
cool! ^_^ can't wait! I've been in the masquerade the past 2 years. ^_^ It's goin' to be way better this year though. ^_^

03-15-2004, 02:46 PM
God forbid the horid event of Identity crisis with the 2 Vash's 2 years ago.

03-15-2004, 02:57 PM
you ass, kusai!!! My Vash costume ROCKS and you know it!!!!!!!!!><
...or were you talking 'bout certain 'other' people in that group? >: (
*feels sick...*

03-16-2004, 04:31 PM
No i was talking about the other people in your group, i liked you your Vash, it was only bad cause of the whore. can i call her that?

03-17-2004, 01:50 PM
of corse!!!:D that's the name she lives by, I mean it IS her name after all...:D*drops the subject here and now*

04-10-2004, 09:50 PM
im going! i wanted to go the whole span, but due to the two weeks im taking off around the time of anime expo, i doubt my job will allow me to skip out much more. so ill be there hopefully saturday and sunday.
i went lastyear on sunday. which was good and bad. i hadnt slept in days tho and the midnight drive to and from killed me. but i enjoyed it enough to come back for more. and i have a place to crash, and a large group of friends attending as well, so thats always more of a reason to go. tho none of them cosplay, sadly. i wasnt going to, surprisingly, until just recently when i started my go go[kill bill] costume. now its got comicon written aaallll over it. i cant wait for july..

*heart* rei

04-19-2004, 08:26 PM
Well, hopefully I can get down to SD this year too... I will finally have the money to do so, but my car is dying on me. Maybe I can steal er borrow my mums and drag my brother with me. If I do go, I will be the comic Hellboy as a kid, fear my RHOD... as soon as I make it >.o

04-20-2004, 12:09 AM
I will be there as well 4 the full 4 days. (US and Australian customs allowing.)

04-25-2004, 09:23 AM
I am going (with Kell) I'm so excited!

05-02-2004, 01:06 AM
I'll be there! I haven't decided as what yet. Probably a Padme dress from Attack of the Clones...either the Rainbow Dress or the Picnic Dress. And definately some Lord of the Rings stuff, too. I've got my Rose Dress and an Eowyn Shield Maiden, but my boyfriend just broke up with me so I'm thinking I might make the Arwen Mourning Dress instead, if I have time. ^_~

In any case, I'll be there wearing...something. Lol. Can't wait to see you all! Your costumes sound great!

Ami Yuy
05-03-2004, 11:50 PM
Hehe, I'm there. No idea for how long or what days, it's a long drive to make every day and to find parking... -_- Hotel room Court-chan?

Who knows as what though...I wonder what I'll end up doing by then? I'm in a really lazy mood right now (end of my senior year in high school baby!) and really really really don't want to sew...

05-11-2004, 02:04 PM
Hehe, I'm there. No idea for how long or what days, it's a long drive to make every day and to find parking... -_- Hotel room Court-chan?

Who knows as what though...I wonder what I'll end up doing by then? I'm in a really lazy mood right now (end of my senior year in high school baby!) and really really really don't want to sew...

You're free to borrow the Shield Maiden if you want. I've been coming up with a bazillion ideas since Cliff broke up with me...for some reason that has unleashed rarely seen creativity in me. Hmm.

My plans now are definitely the Rainbow Dress, even though there was an awesome one there last year. I was reading through the "Overly Cosplayed" thread, and decided, you know what? So what if it's already been perfected. It's a dress I love so I'm gonna do it ^_^

I've also been toying around with the idea of doing a Trinity outfit. I've got leftover black vinyl from my Julia outfit, so that would be easy. If I can afford it I want to do the Mourning Dress, too. OOoooh I'm so excited!

You know what, Ami? I think we should get a hotel room. I don't want to stay with the scary guy from work. Lol. They're probably all booked already, though. IM me and we'll figure it out.

See you all there! w00t!

05-11-2004, 08:22 PM
I'm always there... yeah. =3

05-11-2004, 10:58 PM
Nessa and I are going to be doing some masquerade action too XD.

05-12-2004, 03:17 AM
OOOOOOOH yes, it will be magical and sparkly! ^______^

Aya Mizu
05-13-2004, 12:47 AM
I'll be there for the Masquerade too :)

05-13-2004, 10:44 AM
haha working the masquerade is where I met alot of cos-com people for the first time.

05-14-2004, 02:00 PM
*sighs* It just porves that no matter how deada thread may seem women will take it over. j/k I'm happy that this thread is back up.

05-14-2004, 02:06 PM
I'm supposedly in the masq, too... ha.
Got my registration stuff today :D

06-01-2004, 03:17 PM
Change of plans (of course). I've decided that since the Rainbow Dress is my uber-favorite, most gorgeous dress that ever existed, I'm going to save it for next year. I don't want to make it this year if it would be much better if I waited until I had a little more skill. Instead, I'm going to do the Arwen Mourning Dress. Yay, and this time I'm going to learn to embroider and bead for real ^_~ It will be awesome.

I think I'll still have a Trinity, though. Can't wait to see you all there!

06-10-2004, 12:22 AM
I've decided that since the Rainbow Dress is my uber-favorite, most gorgeous dress that ever existed, I'm going to save it for next year.

That's too bad. As far as I'm concerned, there can never be too many Amidala dresses. The LotR dresses are really lovely too, though.

No idea yet what I'm making for this year. There are always a lot of anime characters. Superheroes and Star Wars, too. Decisions, decisions...

06-13-2004, 06:39 PM
i'm going all four days, but i still don't have any idea what to cosplay as for 2 of the days, i'd really appreaciate any help, and it would be great if everyone met up for lunch on onee of the days =)

06-26-2004, 07:28 PM
I'm going! (at least I think so at the moment! Its subject to change! XD)

06-28-2004, 06:00 PM
coustems for CC this year, Radinov, lupin, kusanagi, Miroku