View Full Version : .hack opening girl

01-11-2004, 01:29 PM
I would like to know how to make the girls outfit from the opening of .hack sign she's the 1st person you see that does the dancing with the like body suit that glows. Well I kno I need like a deep red or maroon color bodysuit and I dont know how to make the glowy things on her mabey some type of fabric paint? like a bright yellw or goldish color. but the thing they have over there eyes is what Imma have the most difficulty with have no clue how to make that or to even start. any ideas? Thanx a bunch! :p

01-11-2004, 06:14 PM
You'd definitely need a bodysuit. However the thing about paint is, it doesn't stretch...and the bodysuit does. Even if the paint is applied while you're wearing it, you may find it cracks if you put it on too thick. It's probably the best way to go though.

Find some fabric paint at a local craft store and have a friend (who is hopefully a good artist) paint the bodysuit while you wear it. A thin coat that matches the design. You won't be able to move or anything until it dries. Then you'll probably need to repeat the process with several coats.

...at least that's how I'd try doing it.

01-12-2004, 04:52 PM
promblem is im the only good artist that I kno of round here -_- ok but I will try to do that...I kinda figured it was gonne chip and crack and stuff so thats why I was looking for something else...but thanx anywayz