View Full Version : Sheena Fujibayashi Boots

03-08-2012, 10:15 PM
Um, so long story short, I've never had to make custom boots for a cosplay before. I'm thinking of just buying a basic black boot to start, but after that, I'm lost.

Frozen Angel
03-11-2012, 01:07 PM
Her boots are pretty tricky it seems, Kratosīs boots was as well...

If you plan to buy custom made: Have you looked around in sites that sell cosplay accessories? You might find something there. Just make sure to read reviews before you place any orders, so that you donīt get tricked, not all sites are reliable.

If you plan to do self: If youīre totally lost where to go, ask for help in the Official Tales of Cosplay thread, people there could help you out. My own experience when it comes down to Tales of (read: Kratosīs) boots is that you get some thick/stiff fabrics for it, or something that is a bit elastic/tight (depending on character). So that it can keep the boot in place better from the top (you might need a safety pin). Itīs not fun to have loose fabrics on your boots, or details that weight a bit that drags down the rest of the boot while youīre walking, I tell you itīs a pain when you need to fix the boots when it fells off from itīs place all the time! ;__;

Anway, hope it helps. Do you plan to do a total boot cover, or just modify already existing shoes for her?