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03-15-2012, 11:08 PM
This is going to be one complicated quadsuit. I'm making Toothless the Night Fury from How To Train your Dragon. Now how I'm going to build is will be extremely complicated. Wood frame for the body form, head with a joint at the neck, open and close wings and a jointed tail.
I'll build the frame first for the dragon to fit my body inside and I'll go in through the underbelly to get into it, the head will be able to move, the wings will be able to open and close if I can figure it out the right way, if not I will leave the wings closed except for the convention parade where I would leave them open. The tail will have joints so it will actually move freely back and forth on it's own.
Now for the skin what I will be doing is laying chickenwire over the wood frame and using upholstry foam over that. Latex paint will be sprayed over the foam to seal it and give it a leathery texture I'll even be using pom-pom's cut in half and placed to give it bumps.
For the head the joint will be at the back of the neck, and I'm hoping that I can rig the mouth to open and close as well like a bear trap without the ugly snapping. I'll be using the same method for the body covering without the chickenwire for the tail and I'll probably use strips of cardboard instead inside the foam tail.
This costume if I can do everything right will debut at Dragon*Con 2012. And I might be putting it in the charity auction as well at the convention. This will be the biggest thing I have ever constructed, and before anyone asks I have made several fursuits/quadsuits in the past but that was years and years ago.

05-29-2012, 06:28 AM
This sounds awesome!! I would looove to build something like this for my friend who cosplays my Toothless. I can't wait to see pics!