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04-01-2012, 07:28 PM
I am wanting a specific wig, only problem is I've seen the same one on about 10 different sites. I'm trying to find the best place to buy it from with the best price and if I could find the ORIGINAL place it came from, that would be even better!

One of the places I tried was miccostumes.com It's gotten some good reviews on here, but I hear it is also a sub site of Milanoo and it shouldn't be trusted?

Some other places I found it which I have never heard of, so I need your help!

http://www.sanbefall.com/cardcaptor-...wig_p2261.html (this is the most I'm willing to spend on this wig, like I said I have seen it other places for more. I have heard nothing about this site)

They have it on Ebay, but I emailed the person and asked if they could get the price down. I'm not paying more than $60 total and that is with shipping included.


Does anyone know anything about this Ebay store, "Cosmi USA?"

Never heard of this place either? Not bad price:


Or this place...


Which do you think is the best to go with?

04-02-2012, 09:18 AM
I usually go with ebay with wigs because I KNOW I can get my $ back if they make a mistake. HOWEVER, I have not used the other sites

04-02-2012, 03:00 PM
I think you may be right...So I may be paying close to $15 more but if they screw up then I'm out quite a bit more money with possibly NO refund.

So you are saying Ebay is really one of the best ways to be sure?

04-03-2012, 09:30 AM
With Ebay wigs I have not ONCE been unhappy, but other will not always agree.

I would stick with sellers with 99%+ feedback. You'll be safe with them, and their items should match their photos. Not ALWAYS the case, but as I said for wigs I have not yet had a problem.

The bad rep for wigs on Ebay comes from new sellers that pop up and start selling wigs (have only sold 20 items or so), or Ebay sellers who sell MANY items INCLUDING wigs, and have anywhere between 95-98% positive feedback.

99%+ usually means that their items are legit, AND they will ALWAYS fully refund people who are unhappy. (I got a cosplay item once that was COMPLETELY OFF from the photo and the seller refunded me 100% including shipping. I was out of the time I spent, but at least I wasn't out the $ too!)

04-03-2012, 09:32 AM
Just to be clear for wigs:

1) Buy from a seller with over 300 feedback scores
2) Specializes in wigs, or at least half of items sold are wigs
3) 99% positive+
4) READ the positive feedbacks left, make sure none say "wig was different than photo" or "wig was thin", etc

04-03-2012, 09:37 AM

This person had 98% positive feedback, selling this wig: http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Auction-Light-Brown-New-Short-Straight-Wig-Brown-Cute-Slanting-Bang-F38-/00/s/NzMzWDUwMA==/$(KGrHqR,!jYE8EddO0ULBPBuLQjTmQ~~60_3.JPG

Looks like this: http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/485723_10151420118300094_776525093_23212410_110592 5833_n.jpg

This person has 99%+, selling this: http://www.starkewig.com/wg/images/Wigs/WG_RealHumanPcs/Cosplaywig_WG_CG58A_RH_1.jpg

Looks like this: http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/s720x720/305911_10151420432825094_776525093_23213375_184965 0504_n.jpg

Just some examples. Takes about a month to get them from China!

04-03-2012, 12:54 PM
ebay is usually one of the best ways because on there people don't dawdle, with the ratings, if that person gips people you'll know. But ya always read the feed back comments.

04-03-2012, 04:13 PM
I have only found one seller on Ebay that has the wig. here is their data:

Their feed back score is 230 and they have a 98.8% positive feedback.

I'm seeing things like, "Seller refunded 20% of the shipping when item arrived later than agreed upon"

"I looked at the picture and thought, that looks good but it even looks better in person"

"Great quality, great communication"

I also emailed them about the wig, they responded within 24 hrs.

Their store consists of cosplay wigs and costumes.

Would you say this person is a pretty good person to buy from?

04-04-2012, 08:32 AM
I'd say so, and if you were unhappy, it sounds like they would refund you.

Make sure to be extremely picky-- at that price, if anything is wrong with that wig, make sure to contact them!

04-05-2012, 12:41 PM
Don't buy from sanbefall.com its part of the milanoo scam (check this out for future reference http://egl.livejournal.com/18033026.html). I always go with ebay as well for wigs and minor accessories and some times shoes and I still haven't had a problem with anything I've bought.