View Full Version : Fixer Cosplay!!!

Katen Ament
04-01-2012, 11:48 PM
Both my best friend and I are completely obsessed with the new webcomic Fixer!!! The character designs and artwork are just amazing! And ofcourse the outfits are too! We are planning on doing as many cosplays from it as humanly possible. Me as Naomi, and her as Dakota.

Is anyone else thinking about cosplaying from Fixer at all??? Damiens outfit from the Prologue cover is awesome and I would love to see someone cosplay him!!!

For those who don't know what Fixer is, this is the description from the official facebook page!
"Fixer" is about a muti-genre band and their trials and tribulations in working in the music industry. The story is narrated by guitarist Dakota Shaw in the present day. Caught in a depression about where his career has led him, he begins writing a journal, remembering the days with the 3 most important people of his life, Damien Miller, Naomi Halevi, Mamoru Kageyama, and their band "Fixer". The story starts in 1998 with Dakota and Naomi in their senior year of high school, Mamoru having recently graduated, and Damien just starting in his freshmen year. The first story arc will go on to detail how they all met, their motivations for starting and joining the band, Dakota and Naomi's graduation, and an experiment that leads the band to Mamoru's home city of Tokyo, where the band finds their artistic direction."