View Full Version : Looking for a place to stay

04-03-2012, 05:42 PM
(sorry if i have bad grammar -_- but bear with me) Hi I am Josh Mabe, I am looking forward in going to DragonCon this year, and I am going to plan on taking a train to Atlanta if anyone can pick me up from there..i will offer gas! And I aware of the hotels were all booked. So I figured if it was a best solution for me if anyone that is near walking distance or at the hotel still need roommates? I am a responsible young adult, doesn't drink, or smoke. I am well matured. If anyone needs a roommate please contact me through PM or reply! I can also pay half at advance when i get the chance when DragonCon grows near :D Sleeping I would like a bed well recommended or air mattress...the floor i cant sleep on hurts my ribs. I dont mind sharing a bed if necessary. Thanks again in advance!