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01-19-2004, 09:50 PM
I havent come on here in a long time, but... That's right. I am willing to crossplay and butcher all my hair, shave my eyebrows, and spend lots of money to be Gaara. ^^ (I am seriously crazy. :jjacks: )
I know where to get contacts, etc. I know how I'm gonna make everything, I think, but I need help! I dont think many people have cosplayed him, but, I have until summer time. (lots of time! ^^) and I'll start sometime this week or next week... Anyways... How would I create naruto-style sandals? (I want it to be perfect.) How do I get pants to have that naruto-style-ninja-look?
And most of all, How do I create the gourd on his back!?!??! >< I've seen some fabric ones, plastic ones, paper mache ones, someone also suggested using a real thing, but that'd be too heavy. And all the other ones (fabric, paper mache, etc) look kinda cheap... Any suggestions?
After that... how is it tied to his back?... I just dont really see it... but if I paid lots of attention I guess I could figure it out.. :waaaah: thankkksss~~~

01-20-2004, 12:25 AM
No one is gonna answer, are they?

h a k u
01-20-2004, 12:50 AM
okay lets start with the sandals: you will need to go buy those male sandals that have those straps that wrap around your ankle etc. then you spraypaint them blue, and get cloth, cover the parts needed and there ya go. :)

Next, the pants: those pants that gaara wears are pretty common actually, check www.martialartssupplies.com , yes those pants are karate pants. just look for the ones that tighten at the bottom and there you go.

The gourd will be tricky, sorry I can't help you there

Then The headband will be a trick too... and for the hair, is easy, just get red hair dye. but you will have to kill your hair. lol.

Hope that helps you. :)

01-20-2004, 01:58 AM
hello there, I made Gaara's costume and... people seem to think I pulled it off very well. Um, you can see pictures here : http://chirigami.net/gaara/cosplay.html [I'm the top person, under "me"]

okay, first with the comments : wow, don't go extreme... you don't need to shave your eyebrows and.. butcher your hair. I know Gaara is the coolest person, but really... don't go to drastic lengths [another one you could do though, is not sleep for a while... so you can get those rings around your eyes, hahaha] Okay, I can't help with the sandels because mine sucked really badly, I need to redo them.

Things I can help out with: his clothing and his gourd.

clothing : I seriously just took a shirt pattern and also a capri pattern [which was still way too big for me] and modified them. I managed to get a capri/pants pattern that had pockets, so I was in luck on that one. The pattern I got was a simplicity pattern and was a draw string type [hey, it worked] .. I used the capri pattern and made them a few sizes too big [so they'd be puffy] and then after putting them together I made little cuffs for bottom of the pants and fit them to go around my calf area and yeah.. that was basically them. They weren't actually difficult to make and were probably the easiest thing TO make. Besides the shirt... and the sashes [but those were hemming, and that took a long time.. 5 yards for each of my sashs, nrar]

The gourd : I did mine a little.. weird. Well, first I measured it to see how big I needed it [calculating how big it was on Gaa-chan and then comparing it with myself to get the right size] I then bought some wire from my local Osh hardware place and I also bought some of that screen stuff you put on doors. I made a total of 8 circles for the gourd [4 larger ones and 4 smaller ones the spheres are different sizes] and then put them together to make a sphere [I duct taped them and used more wires to stabalize them] ... I then took the screen and cut them into strips and individually placed each strip at each wire to make a screen over them. [I can't word that part right, gah] .. I then got some straps stuff from JoAnn fabrics and figured where one would go over my shoulder and one would go around my waist.. this was how I held it on.. it's flawed because I made the holes where the straps went through the wire, larger as I wore it [I'm currently trying to figure out how to fix it] .. but then after getting the straps placed I covered the whole thing with paper mache.. like 5 layers of it [oh, I also made the cork/opening part of of paper mache and wire and stuck that on] .. and then... I took some paint.. mixed it to be tan and then got some sand. I used the paint as a glue and stuck sand all over my gourd [because it's made out of sand and all] .. and then put the little E design on with more paint. I made my own cork.. out of a styrofoam mold and then covered it with cork board. And then put a sash around it. Viola, thats how I made my gourd [of DOOM]

other ways I've seen the gourd made : made out of leather [she sewed it together and stuffed it] .. also sewn with.. I dunno what [it didn't look sandy.. and well.. didn't fit.. but it was well made] ... um, bouncy balls covered in paint.. bouncy balls covered in paper mache.. and.. all around paper mache. It's up to you how you want it to be made and what works for you. I just figured I'd tell you how I made mine first hand...

Oh, and how is Gaara's supposed to be tied to his back in the series? Well, actually it just sticks to him... It's supposed to be on the tan sash but.. he's covered in sand and he controls it so I think it just sticks there.

But, when you finish.. send me pictures.. I like getting pictures to put on my Gaara fansite ^_^

oh, and if you have any more questions.. just AIM me ^_^

01-20-2004, 07:17 PM
Haku, I can't find those ninja pants you are talking about. ^^; I looked.

I know what I'm doing for the metal thing. And I am still wondering about the gourd.. I asked my graphics teacher, since he is godly at some things. He said his girlfriend crafts things and he will ask her. he also gave me suggestions. He also says he has latex stuff if I dont feel like shaving off my eyebrows. (Which I dont mind. my hair grows back a mm every 2-3 days. o_o; plus i am crazy and would walk around in public with underwear on my head for laughs)
I will definately have to butcher and dye my hair since i hate wigs. ;)
I dont mind any of this. ^^

doragon chan~ I have been to your site before and actually signed for the Gaara fan site. And I have seen your cosplay. ^^ I think its quite good!!! For sure I will send you pics of my Gaara when it is done, and I think I will add you to AIM as well because your help would be good!! ><;; Thank youu~~
if anyone has anymore ideas, they are welcome.. ^^;

Golgo M.
01-21-2004, 12:25 PM
I tried to make a Gaara costume a while ago and feel I made a half-decent gourd on the back. Granted, I was in Japan when I did this, so you might not be able to get the same materials.

What I did was get some sort of bag and fit two inflatable beach balls inside it. The bag I used was a yard bag for leaves, so it was a little bulky, but using beach balls allowed me to deflate them before and after use. I tied it up tight, tucked the cord inside, and used a rubber stopper (a cork would be perfect, but couldn't get the right size). I then used sticker paper to put the decals on (the E-like designs).

01-21-2004, 06:26 PM
I've seen people use bags before. The good thing about them is that they dont try to go all horizontal, but they just look... like how I dont want it :P

09-24-2004, 05:17 PM
To make a wicked awsome Gaara gord you should get those punching baloons and paper-mache around those to get the shape. Then use spray glue and spray the gors and cover it in sand. that would be soo cool.

09-26-2004, 10:19 AM
Id have to say the gourd and the brown thing holding it up are what can ruin a really good Gaara costume. I supose its just a pet peeve I have about the brown thing. But the gourd I can help with, I think.
I have a design for an inflatable gourd. You just make two cloth beachballs, of different sizes (gods i hate it when people make both sides the same size, do they not have referance pictures?) leave one bit open where the pieces all merge and stick a balloon in there. They make 3foot latex balloons, not that hard to get, not that expensive. So because the balloon can expand to fit the inside area you dont have to do any exact sewing and its actually transportable and light. The red bandana in the middle involves card board and velcro. The seals would be farbric paint or iron ons.
Im bad at explaining
maybe that helps. Anyway, the hardest part would be the top with the cork in it, i have a method explained in the picture, but Im sure others would do differently.I just think its much more convienient than paper mache, and smoother too.
PS I am getting it on the gourd strap by means of two hooks and two button holes, its so light that it wont have any stress pulling on it. Also that will make it unhookable for getting thru crowds and poses.
Horay for inflatable technology!

09-26-2004, 06:32 PM
When I made the gourd, I started out by making a skeleton of it with chicken wire which you can by at stores like Home Depot or Lowe's rather easily. Make the gourd's shape out of that then dip newspaper clippings in glue and cover the gourd once or twice for good measure. I did plaster of paris over it then painted it. It is not as hevay as you would think and it hung at the right angle for me. I do not have a picture of how it turned out but it was good to me....<_<

The brown strap he wears I had made out of vinyl and buckles. It was really nice.

09-26-2004, 11:01 PM
When I made the gourd, I started out by making a skeleton of it with chicken wire which you can by at stores like Home Depot or Lowe's rather easily. Make the gourd's shape out of that then dip newspaper clippings in glue and cover the gourd once or twice for good measure. I did plaster of paris over it then painted it. It is not as hevay as you would think and it hung at the right angle for me. I do not have a picture of how it turned out but it was good to me....<_<

The brown strap he wears I had made out of vinyl and buckles. It was really nice.
Ohh vinyl, I applaude the choice. How did transportation go? Anyone making a gourd that keeps it shape will need tips on that so do tell. :)

09-27-2004, 07:12 PM
I've posted this like 6 times but I'm always willing to help

1) gather materials: two (2) drywall hooks, lots of materials for paper mache' or plaster of paris, vasoline (or some lubricant), and whatever your going to use as a strap, also 2 beach balls of the same size, relative to you body.
2) inflate the beach balls
3) spread the lubricant all over, a thin layer not more than a glossy coat
4) start applying the paper mache' *apply to each beach ball seperatly*
5) once paper mache is dried to the beach balls deflate the beach balls as much as possible and take the balls out of the paper machet coat. *they should come out fairly easy since the lubricant seperated them from the mache' if not, oh well an extra ounce yay!*
6) apply the "cloth" plaster of paris to make a fairly even coat
7) once the plaster has dried, using a normal bag of "putty" style plaster o' paris smooth out a layer across the beach ball frame
8) make sure it as smooth as possible *you can do half/ and half later* and sculpt them together using more paper mache' and some wireing if needed
9) take a piece of sand paper and smooth out as well as you can all the bumps
10) drill two small wholes *SLOWLY DRILL SLOWLY OR IT WILL CRACK* and place your dry wall screws in,
11) paint your gourd pieces.
12)attach your "belts" / straps

you should have a fair looking, durable gourd with a sandy like texture if painted properly

hope I helped ^^

*new idea also* you could attach the beach balls and just spray paint them with out the outer shell, it'd look crappy but be fast and cheep!

09-27-2004, 10:45 PM
Pyrosam, got a problam with that, If you use two balls of the same size it wont look like the gourd. Its got a smaller ball at the top and a bigger at the bottom. Its hard to find a smaller beach ball but I imagine it would work just fine if inserted into your method. Im still all for the inflatable gourds.

07-10-2008, 05:57 PM
ureka boy ur gonna luv meh i have found gaara!!!!!