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04-06-2012, 09:38 PM
A review about the my cosplay costume recieved

Name of Commissioner: cosplaydeal

Website: http://www.cosplaydeal.com

Character: Miku Zatsune

Links to picture of your commissioned item:
Website: http://www.cosplaydeal.com/images/thumbnails/4/56/56/Naruto_Sakura_Haruno_Adult_High_Quality_Cosplay_Co stume.jpg

This Sakura plushie is very cute!! It's also very detailed. The costume is very good: the seams are well made.
The clothes seem to be made of very durable fabric. I really love the product because the cheongsam is accurate and adorable and it is very soft. As long as it's taken good care of, the product should last. :)
I am so impressed with this costume!!! I would recommend this to any naruto fan with full sincerity!