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04-10-2012, 07:31 PM
As the market place is down for a bit I decided to post this here.

~I am selling Serah Farron hair tie's and bracelet

How to order: USA orders:

Message me about the item with where you live (what state) and I will tell you the price. Do not message me with a week before your con. I can make your item but I do not guarantee that it will arrive a week before your con and that is your risk if you take it. The length is 58CM long. If you order with a money order or concealed cash tell me in the message. I am not responsible for lost money order or money. Buyer is responsible for all paypal fee's

How to order: INTERNATIONAL orders:

Message me with where you live so I can calculate the shipping to you. If your con is a week or two before you need it, I don't guarantee it will be there in time. Please order at least a month in advance. Length is 58CM long. Buyer is responsible for all paypal fee's

If the photos are not showing up please look here http://k-narek-na.deviantart.com/

Black Hair tie (Final Fantasy 13)

Pink Hair tie (Final Fantasy 13-2)


Please note that some monitor's will have a slight color change.

If you would like to buy one please PM me here or at shallonsswag@gmail.com