View Full Version : ~Cosplay Commissions~

04-11-2012, 09:29 PM
Hello everyone~! So Iím trying to raise some extra money to get myself to Otakon and have decided to offer cosplay commissions!

All of my cosplays (On Deviantart (http://fortheloveofpasta.deviantart.com/)) and Rhi's England uniform were made by me and my mom (except America which was mostly thrifted and edited). My only problems is really complicated designs (sewing wise, detailed paint/fabric designs are alright).

Iíll be sure to check with you every step of the way and do fittings if you live close by. WE can discuss deadlines, payment, and options before I start~

You can either message me on here and/or e-mail me at for.the.love.of.pasta.productions@gmail.com! Thank you for reading this!