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04-12-2012, 09:46 AM
For sale is a Cleric costume, from Disgaea. The costume has only been worn once and is in good condition.

Dress (Women's size 10- feel free to ask for specific measurements)
Wrist cuffs
Fake ears
Ear cuff (Hides seam between fake ears and real ears- only one included)

http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/485832_3642116021273_1525510500_33102097_201614092 2_n.jpg

Please note that because the costume was originally made for personal use, some corners have been cut that would not have been cut in a commissioned costume.

- The dress has unfinished seams. Some areas fray. They should not unravel, however, and are quite sturdy- the inside is just a bit messy. The dress has seen a day's worth of tugging, straining, sitting down, standing, and general wear without ripping. Please also note that because of the very small hole at the bottom of the dress, movement is restrained- the wearer of the costume will not be able to take big steps and will have to 'shuffle' unless the dress is held up a bit.
- The bond between the first chain link on the wrist cuffs and the cuffs themselves will come apart if the chain is yanked hard enough. Exercise caution when wearing.
- The wig will need detangling.
- The staff was not completed to a satisfactory level because of time constraints. The paper mache and paint job are both ultimately incomplete and there is no gloss finish. Best purchased by someone who can use the staff as a base and improve upon it.

And lastly, please note that because of the awkward size and shape of some of the props, this costume may need to be shipped in several different packages. If you want to purchase this for a con, please buy with time to spare!

Asking price: $500 even, plus shipping. (Negotiable.)

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Bump, would like to move this costume ASAP.

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