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04-13-2012, 09:16 AM
Sweet Pea costume entirely made by me. The buyer gets:

- styled wig
- lace-up, hooded coat (the coat is made of a faux leather and has been entirely lined with a tan cotton to match the one in the film. Both the front and back have lacing, but the back lacing only reaches the point where the harness hides it. This is a little above mid-back.)
- harbringer weight gloves (these are the same ones she wears in the movie)
- the under gloves
- leather bracelet
- shoulder armor (this is made of craft foam and model magic with a thick gesso coating and a gloss finish. It's very shiny and smooth. The armor is secured on the arm with black elastic.)
- British army webbing yoke (Real British army harness purchased on ebay. I've sewn elastic straps to it, so it can hold a weapon. The straps are adjustable.)
- rosary (this is also handmade by me.)
- thigh high boots
- 3 thigh belts
- empty shotgun shells

I am not selling any of the weapons, because I need them for other costumes.

It's tough to get an exact measurement on the coat, due to the front and back lacing, however, it should fit someone with a 34-38 inch bust, and 28-32 inch waist. For reference, I made the costume while I was in the process of losing weight, and it ended up being slightly big (but still wearable). My measurements in the photos shown are 35" bust and 28" waist. The boots are a US women's size 8.

Asking price is $250. Free shipping in the US.

04-19-2012, 02:54 PM