View Full Version : *ugh*..Well, better late than never I guess *shrugs*..

01-22-2004, 09:11 AM
It's been crazy these past few months, and this second thread I started since I first registered is proof of that. Anyways, my friend finally uploaded our AnimeNEXT 03' pics at www.snapfish.com; though you will need his password to gain access to them, there's no problem beyond that i guess. to access the pics, the Email address is wargolem@juno.com and the password is qwerty. I apologize to those who've been wanting to see the pics, and as I stated before, it's been crazy these past few months and free time was hardly available, so again, i'm sorry.

According to him there shouldn't be any problems in terms of bandwith and such so i'll take his word for it, by the meantime, enjoy the pics and take care.