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Fai from Tsubasa Chronicles (artbook version)

Size: L to XL

What is included: full shirt/tabard with white sleeves (flame vinyl design on the leg piece), white and red belted shoe covers, the hand painted belt with second gold belt strap, black with red interior lining & trim cloak and long black gloves (gloves not pictured). ***BOOTS & WIG NOT INCLUDED***

Condition: Great Condition! It has won two different cosplay craftmanship awards.

Description: This item was handmade for competitive competition. In great condition, only worn a few times. It has won several awards in craftsmanship. It is based off the artbook concepts.

Price: 65.00 + shipping (will ship worldwide)

Photo: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=347877628581375&set=a.141611635874643.12428.100000774228570&type=3&theater

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