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04-18-2012, 05:54 PM
I am letting go of my Luka cosplay because i have to raise money for comic con and what not.... you guys know cosplay and cons are expensive
And also because this cosplay is fitting me a bit big now XD

what you will be getting:
-Gold piece thats on the shirt
-Headphones(lights included just have to replace the headband)
-Gold armband (Light included)
-Gold bands that go on the stockings

1.So heres the skirt its made out of stretch spandex (gold) and the black is a light material that has a leathery texture, its not pleather. I hand drew the design of the skirt with a gold Prisma marker
Im pretty big on the hips so i say it fit about H37-40

2.Heres the shirt, its okay, it doesnt have a zipper since its stretch but its not the best made shirt, it looks good =]. There is a bit of it ripping on the right shoulder but it not noticable when you have the wig on and everything
someone has to like stare at your shoulder for 10 mins to see it or something XD
I did loose my gem during the con so you will have to replace it, i improvised that day and used a button i had with blue fabric
The back is eh it has velcro to adjust the neck in the back but the to part is blue folder file and blue painters tape for the plasticy affect...i know weird choice but it goes well with the outfit
The shirt would also be a large aswell B40 W32
the rip i was talking about

3.The chest peice is made from sculpey and the bottom is also sculpey but wraped in the gold fabric so you can pin it to the shirt, i didnt sew it cause that would create issues when washing

4. The arm bands are to my arm size, i dont have exact measurements but they are kinda big.They are dark brown not black, brown pleather

5.Headphones, the headphones are made from the material i used for the cosplay. They have two light in each headphone. The two thin headbands i had in broke so you gotta replace the headband on your own since i dont have extras, also it wont break during shipping

6. Golden Armband, the armband has elastic so theres no problem on sizing there, the armband also has a light in it, the bottom has wire withing the brown pleather trimming so the shape of the bottom will always be maintianed circular, its pretty neat
dont wory the red threads arent there, it was from another cosplay that ended up on my bed XD
the light inside

7. not sure if you want the belt but ill throw em in anyways, theses are made from brown pleather and spraypainted the triangles gold, the paint seems to rub off in the pleather itself , the belts have velcrow end to attach them

8.Gold bands that go around the thigh high, ive had to make the smaller and smaller each time due to the fact that theyr stretch and its kinda tough to keep em up but i saftey pinned em to the thigh highs and they stayed

okay i would sell you the boot covers but beside beeing attached to them they are made for my wedges specificlly and i need those shoes
they are size nice wedges that are about 3 inches high so idk how thatll go with your shoes
they fall down since theyre stretch pleather aswell but they are nicely made
i was working with a busted machin at the time so i could only go a the slowest speed so it took me about 4 1/2 hours to complete the boots
if you make me an offer with the boots maybe ill let gooo T0T
http://i1067.photobucket.com/albums/u432/lolitarevenge/398387_303789452997580_100000995835203_855607_1556 1323_n.jpg

Heres a look at me with the whole cosplay on

So what im i looki for 110$ inc. shipping with the US
or best offer
I ONLY TAKE PAYPAL! and dont send me the paypal fees >,<
Thank you for looking
This comes from a pet free/smoke free enviorment
Have a nice day~
I am 5'3 sorry forgot to mention!!

the amy one from soul calibur.... not sure if its still on hold the one who made me an offer hasnt replied or PM'd me!http://www.cosplay.com/marketplace2/showproduct.php/product/63042/cat/500

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you can post on here but i rather you PM me your offers and stuff

Anybody ;o;

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bump? =o

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sooo want but can't...

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:schitzo:sooo want but can't...

I know what that's like >,<

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So want but ill have to sell my other cosplays to get the money

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