View Full Version : Madoka soul gem, can also be worn as jewelry *free shipping*

04-19-2012, 04:11 AM

Hey everyone~ I retired my Madoka cosplay so I won't be needing the gem anymore, either! It comes on a chain and so it can be worn as jewelry too! It's about 2 inches long (not including chain). If you want to wear it with your Madoka cosplay, just do what I did and fashion tape the chain to your collar!

I'm willing to part with it for $25 including shipping. I had commissioned it for much more so I am not looking for anything lower or any trades! I accept PayPal and concealed cash.
The gem is soo pretty in real life, my camera phone pictures are not doing it justice lol -_-;


here's me wearing it:

I will check the thread for questions but please PM me for offers~ Thank you!