View Full Version : daredevil cosplay, but unconventional...?

04-21-2012, 01:19 AM
I'm working on a daredevil cosplay and I have almost everything corralled but the mask. I'm torn between making a cloth/pleather (traditional) mask, the cheap vinyl movie replica, or a third option..

I was considering just doing a maroon red "superhero" face mask and a good pair of halloween devil horns. Kind of working like a hybrid between the standard outfit and the other less often seen non-tights versions.

I was thinking it might just work because I'm doing a non traditional version of the costume to begin with: black wet-look body suit with burgundy gloves, boots, and belt, and a burgundy down hooded vest (with the DD embroidered in.) It's gonna give it a younger half comic book/half realistic look. And I thought doing the mask in this way would be easier, and even fit the them a little bit better.


And also.. if you do think it might be a good idea, and Idea on where I could get/how I could make the "hero" mask?