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04-25-2012, 04:18 PM
Hello There my name is Yuki and I would love to make you a fur head :)
In case you haven't noticed I enjoy cosplaying and creating art, fur suits, and other nic-nacks I've gotten to the point of noticing perhaps I can share my creations with my fellow cosplayers and give advice to those whom just began in their cosplay endeavors I am understanding when it comes to prices and such I have begun doing commissions for individuals whom request outstanding quality, I will be posting pictures of my work for you to judge!

I have been cosplaying for around 4 years now and I have enough faith in my skills that I am taking on commissions :) Which is Good news for all of you! I have enough slots open to fill the summer so don't be shy! As for rush orders, I need to know a month in advance of what you would like! At this point in time I can only ship around the U.S. and that is about 20$+
Most prices start at 100$ and range to 500$ depending on the complexity of the character you want. (ex. moving jaw, led eyes, resin eyes, faux fur)

If you are interested send me a PM. We can discuss details and anything else you would like

I only accept paypal at the moment.

Check my photo's out on FB

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