View Full Version : ♥♥ GYARADOS Gijinka Full Cosplay Needed~~

04-26-2012, 01:51 PM
Well, I guess when I said in my last commission wanted thread that it was my last one, I lied. I make Pokemon Gijinka's, but my sewing machine went bust this morning so now I'd either have to borrow one from a friend of mine or save up and buy a new one (which is what I'll do later on).


I need the tail, horns, face fins, and a dress. I want the tail to be made out of fleece (unless there is a cooler fabric that can make it look more 'fish-like'.) (if fleece is cheaper for the face fins as well, then I want you to use fleece for those).

The Dress: I have a few options for this. I want the dress to be strapless for all options.
1) Fleece Dress
2) Dancewear/Swimsuit Dress
3) Dancewear/Swimsuit Leotard

I want a quote on all three of those.
I want the dress/leotard to look like this (http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzzhdlHRFn1qdyx1uo6_250.jpg), regardless. The tan part and the blue part must look like scales.

Tail: I would like the tail to be attached to the dress or leotard, & be 4-5 feet in length. I would would like it to be as accurate as possible.

The Horns: I would preferably need this to be made out of something hard (paperclay?). I will have to find some way to attach them to my wig, maybe we can discuss those options.

Face Fins: I would prefer them to actually look like fins; but if it's cheaper to use fleece, by all means, use fleece. Possibly they can have clips on them to attach to my wig.

My budget for this cosplay is $160, I would not like to go much over that (unless of course your work is spectacular, then I may consider)
My deadline is October 28, 2012.