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01-26-2004, 06:04 AM
The Plush/Coscrew is offering a special offer for anime north's artist ally this year. For those who'd be interested, we're going to have a table with tons of cuddly plush orphans looking for loving homes, at super discounted prices. For those who would like to preorder and pick up at the convention, we're charging $50 flat for a standard 11" UFO catcher styled plush.
Oh, sure there'll be tons of other great stuff there, and we're willing to negotiate on larger or smaller orders, but take advantage of the offer BEFORE the convention to avoid the after con blues while you wait for your order in the mail.

check out the Plush Crew online, as the Coscrew page has yet to be uploaded once again. @_@

To order, place a regular order on the site and mention the anime north pick up in the details box.

you can choose to pay now, or a $25 deposit if you're strapped for cash at the moment.

ALSO, all dolls for sale on the site will be there at a discount, so if you'd like to reserve one, that's also an option. The older 9" will be selling for $40.
The new 11" pattern $50.

01-26-2004, 03:28 PM
Faye, would the coupon I got from getting Todd made last year count towards one of the new 11" plushies?

BTW - Your work is AMAZING!!!!! ^_^

01-27-2004, 04:56 AM
Hey Kia! Long time no see!

This year i'm saying to hell with the coupons, and anyone can have one for cheaper as long as they lemme know ahead of time and there's enough time to make it up.

btw, i sent you a PM.