View Full Version : Ciel Phantomhive (Mixed grey/blue fibers) - $15 and Fantasy Sheep Blue Wig- $34

04-29-2012, 04:32 PM
I have two wigs here for various cosplays that I don't plan to use anymore. I accept Paypal, and the shipping will depend on where you live.

Interested but not crazy about the price? PM me; I'm willing to negotiable!
Also, check out my other wig sales! I'll discount you a few dollars if you purchase multiple wigs. ^^

1. First is my Ciel Phantomhive wig.

The fibers look like dark grey from far away, but once closer, you can see that they are a beautiful mix of grey and blue which solves the question of "Is Ciel's hair grey or blue?"

The bangs are trimmed but don't look short when the wig is worn with an eye patch.

Condition: Great; Worn only once

Status: SOLD




2. Next is a medium-length wig bought from Fantasy Sheep that is a greyish blue. I had originally wanted to use it for Nezumi (No. 6), as well as his younger self, but never really got around to it.

This can also be used for Howe from Howe's Moving Castle.

Like all Fantasy Sheep wigs, this wig is absolutely amazing. It's very thick, and can be pulled up into ponytails, pigtails, and buns without wig net showing, yet is tangle free and very soft and silky. (This color is also not available on Ebay anymore.)

I've styled the bangs to look more anime-like and to promote vision. xD

Condition: Like New; Worn only for styling and pictures



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Lowered price! ^^

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