View Full Version : By The Sword Inc. Vintage Boots

Mikomi Hatake
05-02-2012, 12:20 PM
I purchased Vintage Lady's Boots (http://www.bytheswordinc.com/p-6126-vintage-ladys-boots-34-1048.aspx#a34_2d1048) from By The Sword Inc. (http://www.bytheswordinc.com/) a few months ago for a costume I was working on. The are based off of shoes from the Pirate-Era Thru the Early 19th century, and were dead on for the costume I was making. Shipping was fast, and the boots came in less than a week after I ordered them. The boots looked exactly like the picture on the website, and it seemed like everything was well made. I purchased a size 9, and they were a bit snug at first, but they stretched and adjusted to my feet quickly. After wearing the boots for 3 days straight, I can say that they held up very well, and were well worth the $60 I paid for them, but I will be buying shoe inserts before I wear them again.