View Full Version : Custom Made costume for a new charcter

05-02-2012, 03:28 PM
So my husband with collaboration with a comic artist are creating a comic call StarMage, my husband wants to have a costume made for one of the characters named Orasmas, see attached image. Boot and pants i can deal with and i think i already have someone lined up to make the cape with the large gems. The only thing i know i will have trouble with is the torso piece.

Based on the picture it appears that it includes a leather looking piece with armor on the upper chest and shoulders, similar to a storm trooper armor. When you get down to the waist there is a chrome waist piece. the sides of the torso are black and ribbed.

What I need made:

The armor pieces for the upper chest and shoulders
The chrome waist piece
the leather shirt that goes under the armor with sleeves (would want it made out of fake leather fabric)

At this point I'm not looking at a budget, i don't want to go cheap on this i just want to find someone who can make this (especially the armor pieces). please email me at amanet17@gmail.com if your are interested.