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05-11-2012, 08:09 AM
Checkout my Etsy cosplay shop!

Hello, I have been making Cosplay costumes for 7 years. The costumes in my shop are made with me and my mom. This is an individual shop. Every clothes are closely taken care of to guarantee high quality within an affordable price!

Even though the Cosplay costumes are based on same 2D picture, the outcome of the costume differs by its seamstress. For example, the Suzumiya Haruhi school uniform can look ugly, shabby and cheap if itís made poorly without care. But it can also be pretty and delicate.
http://s3.amazonaws.com/bonanzleimages/afu/images/0748/3319/_b3uw2mw_mk___kgrhqv__g0e_70qfbytbmnrgvzf_____3.jp g

And this is the school uniform Iíve made.

The difference of the quality is based on the color and quality of fabric, but itís mostly determined by the detailed design of its commissioner. I always try to stay true to the original 2D design but at the same time, I try to make the costume as exquisite, beautiful as possible.

You are free to choose the fabric, components, length of the dress or top. You can also alter the design, color as much as you want. I am willing to take your request as much as I can. The price may vary according to these changes.

I have provided some samples on my shop for you to get the feel of my design pattern. If you want to make an inquiry about Cosplay commissions, please PM me as I check my message frequently. You can contact me through Etsy conversation or at
cosplaydesu [!at] yahoo.com as I will send you the estimated price and Order Form.

It depends on my schedule but it normally takes about 6 weeks to make. The shipping fee is usually around $15 (2~3 weeks to arrive) but if you are in a hurry the shipping fee will be $30~$40 (5 days to arrive).
But if you want me to guarantee that the outfit would arrive in time, please place an order 50 business days (10 weeks) before the deadline.
I only require first half of the payment without shipping fee and Order Form to begin processing :)
After Iím finished, I will take the photo of the completed costume at my website (http://www.etsy.com/shop/CosplayDesu). You can pay the rest of the payments at that point. I only accept PayPal. My PayPal address is cosplaydesu [!at] yahoo.com

Please fill out the Commission Form and send it to me when you ask me for quote. Thanks!

Commission Form
Name of the character:


Representative Photo:

Other/Detailed Photos (The more, the better! If
thereís a pattern or emblem on the outfit, please attach the closed-up version of it):

Other requests? (Feel free to customize your order. Please take your time to come up with your individual request. If you want a special type of fabric or a plus size please include them. Things might get complicated if you change the requests afterwards):

I check my mail box regularily so I will respond within 24 hours if I'm not too busy.