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05-13-2012, 12:13 AM
Hey there! I'm an apprentice propmaker and I'm looking to do some commissions. I'm good at doing little details like belt buckles, gems and casings, and buttons/pins/accessories! I'm good at making larger holdable props like musical instruments, medium to small-sized weapons, or random stuff!
I can also make some armor pieces such as chest plates, shoulderpads, and bracers!
And for the Homestuck people out there, I know how to make really good troll horns! I'll get pictures up of them soon. My horns can secure nicely on your head without having to wear an unsightly headband over your wig.
I'm willing to make pretty much anything, so if you want a quote, send me some reference pictures and a description of what you'd like! You can either contact me by private message here, or at my e-mail, www.cojaxcomics@hotmail.com!
I look forward to building props for you guys, and don't be afraid to ask if I can make something I haven't listed here, I'll take a look at it and let you know! B]

05-14-2012, 12:11 AM
Also, here's some examples of my work! These are some gems and broaches for some Legend of Zelda costumes. B] Faceted Gems? Round gems? You want a gem, I'll get you a gem, alright. I'm the go-to guy for gems.