View Full Version : Vocaloid Gathering 2012

05-13-2012, 03:41 PM
I decided I wanted to host a Vocaloid gathering at this year's AMē! :heart:
SoCal Vocaloid cosplayers~ I know you're out there, if you can make it please come!
UTAUloids, Fanmades, genderswaps, and original designs are also welcome to be in the gathering!

Day~ Saturday
Time~ 3 pm
Location~ In front of Hall A, the lobby, I guess.

I think Saturday would be a great day since they're having Karaoke!

So please post which character you're going to cosplay if you are able to come so I can add you to the list!


~Cosplayer List~
Enjiko: Luka Megurine (Just Be Friends ver.)
Getheyon: Mikuo or Miku