View Full Version : Chi/Freya Perscom Ears

05-14-2012, 01:55 AM
keeping them for friend~ but i will commissh this for you..

made an extra pair of chi's perscom ears just incase anything happens to my old one, but since it's still functioning perfectly and I won't be cosplaying chi again for a while I thought I sell it and give it a new home,

I'm commissioning these for $20AUS
so I might as well charge the same price ;)

You have a choice of shipping methods

Spools ARE included

PM me your email for an invoice if you wanna buy ;)
PM for more pics & Questions ;)

05-16-2012, 02:45 AM
Just gotten Quotes ;)
This Ways Less then 250g So Here's the Quotes, I'll be Shipping from Australia so the shipping Cost is going to be ouchie! ^_^
hope you are prepared..

United States & Canada
express: $63.50 = 3-7 days, with tracking
the pack and track: $23.25 (I have to ask the post guys about dates if you choose this method)
Normal Registered Post (no tracking) $23.00 3-10 business days
Air Mail $10.50 (no tracking) (default choice)
Sea Mail = $7.75 (no tracking, etc) THIS WILL TAKE MONTHS!!!!!

the Air Mail & Sea Mail are the most affordable but if you ask me I would recommend the normal registered post OR pack and Track for piece of mind;)

Other Areas PM me with your chosen method so i don't have to look up alot of packaging

Any Australians floating around~ we can do a Meet @ SMASH! convention if your going to it
Hoping to see this go to a lovely home