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05-15-2012, 04:23 PM
Hi Everybody,

Anna G here, of Anna G. Costumes. Iíve been a professional costume designer
for theater, film, dance ,circus, and custom commissions for many years.

I love taking on commissions from cosplayers!
Bring those ideas to me!

You should really check out my portfolio:

I take on all sorts of commissions, but have an extra passion for the unusual and complicated!

Here are the reasons why you should consider me for your next costume:

-Couture Quality Costumes:

With 15 years of sewing experience, a BFA Degree in Fashion Design, plus nearly 8 years experience of
creating custom orders, you will get nothing but quality work from me!

-Quick Turn-around time:

I work pretty quickly. Depending on how busy of a season it is, I can usually get something to you in a few weeks. Also, donít be shy about asking me for a last-minute order. Again, depending on what time of the season it is, I can probably get it done.
I mean, it doesnít hurt to ask, right?

-Your Whole Look:

What about those Accessories? I work closely with an team of artists who work with
Headwear, Hats, Props, Weaponry, and Latex/ Special Effects Make-up. So Iíve got your
entire look covered!

- I'm Honest

I've heard lots of awful stories from my clients about their previous designers ripping them off.
Well, I won't take your money and run. I require a 50% deposit up front, and the rest plus shipping at the end.
I can also give you references of past clients.

-Iím Cool.

Ha, ha! Just Kidding. Well, I have been told Iím cool, so Iím not kidding Another solid reason to consider me.

Now, if you donít go for me on your next commission, I wonít be mad you if you at least check out my website.
Hereís the link again, in case you donít feel like scrolling up to the top of your page:


The fastest Way of contacting me is through email :

I also sure donít mind an PM either.

Thanks A Lot!
Anna G.