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05-16-2012, 03:07 PM
Hello there!

I was looking through some Yu-Gi-Oh! characters to cosplay someday and I couldn't get my mind off of Guardian Eatos. It's a very extravagant cosplay and will be hard to do (and expensive..), but it's just too beautiful <3 I haven't found any cosplay pics of it, so could it be I'm the first one who'll try that?

The dress is already hard to do, but at least I could imagine how to to it, same with the wings. What really makes me wonder is how her headpiece/helmet could be done.


I never made a helmet before, so it would be interesting how to attach it on the head and what material to use (Maybe it would be easier if it was a bit smaller?). Apparently, she has short blonde hair under it and the white braid is part of the helmet. How could the transition be done? I could imagine to use real feathers on this.

I know it's an extremely heavy task to do this and I'm only a beginner, but it is kind of a dream cosplay and I'd like to know how I could realize it in the future.

Hope you guys can help me :)