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Kawaii Pocky
05-17-2012, 09:57 PM

Hi there! I'm Kasumi and this is my rather new venture. Tshirt/clothing and accessory design. I aim towards anime, video games, nerd type things, and cosplay themes. I basically make the design for the shirt, and then I have a company that makes the shirts for me and takes care of all the work. All I have to do is design, order and ship! I wanted to see how well and how good the quality of this company is so I made my own tshirt and it's very professional looking. I actually need to get batteries for my camera but I just took a pic with my web cam for now, so I apologize for the picture quality.

(Sorry for the backwards photo, just realized that but I can fix it later. The shirt has Garrus on it and says "Calibrate Dat Ass".)

Basically, whether you want a custom design for cosplay, or you want a cool anime, video game, nerd, or etc kind of shirt or accessories then look no further.

For example, let's say your going to cosplay Ash from Pokemon and want to order his tshirt, I can make that for you. Or even characters shirts that are harder to find online I can make. Just about any tshirt design that isn't too costly I can make, unless you are willing to pay if it costs more.

And I'm not just limited to tshirts. They also have sweaters, hoodies, tank tops, polos, etc because I can't think of every thing off the top of my head. The company I run though has lots of different clothing and accessories, not limited to only hats, messenger bags, jewelry even, water bottles, keychains etc. I will make up a full list of clothing and accessories they have.

Prices may very depending on the design and type of tshirt, high quality shirts will cost more while lower quality shirts will cost less. Please pm me to get a quote and if you have any questions. Thanks. ^_^

I'll probably make a separate skype that if you need to get ahold of me and I'm not on coscom I'll be on there.