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05-17-2012, 11:59 PM
Hey there! I'm Kuki and I'm open for both cosplay and wig commissions for the May-August time frame. I'm more than willing to do rush orders for an extremely low rate and I am not taking any commissions for extremely extravagant cosplays since I'm only doing this for a couple months! I want to have a variety of cosplays in my portfolio~ant

I've been cosplaying for three years and drafting my own patterns from scratch for two. I spend all of my free time either working on cosplays or wigs, so I have quite a bit of experience! I try to keep my rates as low as possible, but you'll find that they won't match the quality of my work since I only let my absolute best leave my workshop.

I can also make lolita OPs! Just pick a fabric, give me your waist measurement and how long you want it and I can whip one up in two weeks or less!

It can take me up to two days to create a complete quote. When requesting a quote, please provide the following:

Height //
Bust //
Waist //
Hips //
References //
Due Date //

References //
Due Date //

I can make two cosplays and six wigs. All slots are open! ^^

There are several cosplays that I've been dying to make, but don't have an excuse to do so! You'll get a discount if you choose one of these mystery cosplays. *is a huge derp*

Taken Slots - Cosplay
1. JJ

Taken Slots - Wigs

Return policy:
I will provide returns on extremely rare cases that include the following [you shouldn't have these problems, I'm just adding this for my safety ^.^]:
-Severe errors on my part that I don't have time t correct
-Missing pieces [only missing parts will be refunded]

To receive a return, you must return the product and you are responsible for shipping fees. If you simply changed your mind, you can receive 25% of the materials cost after returning the item and after I check for wear or damage.

05-18-2012, 12:22 AM