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05-27-2012, 12:49 PM

I love styling wigs to the best of my ability. I can work with you for a budget wig** or a higher quality wig***. I take utmost care of any wig in my possession. I style and cut wigs only(I do not make them, dye them, etc). I generally work fairly quick and make sure I get the work done. I have been doing hair and wigs as a hobby for a while now.
PAYMENT: Postal Money Order Preferred, Paypal accepted. $20 charge on long wigs for my effort, $15 on medium, $10 on Short. OR you can donate old wigs to me to fix up and repair and keep if you dont have the extra money. rukiakuchiki5566@yahoo.com for quick quote response. +$5 for dying. 3 WIGS AT A TIME PER CUSTOMER. after 3 each additional wig will cost $5 extra and a longer time window. Rush orders are $10 extra
QUOTES: I need at least 2 reference pictures, name of character and series. And what you want in the wig styling. (sheen spray costs extra.)
I AM COMFORTABLE WITH: long looks, short looks, pigtails, punk/visual kei looks, and more
NOW OFFERING: DYE-ING yay!!! Please note if you want a wig dyed it will cost a little more in the supplies cost due to the price of ink. Please notice I can not make a wig lighter. If you want a lighter color I will have to buy a white wig for your use. Also note: Dye seems to stick better to not heat resistant wigs. Heat resistant wigs lose their resistance to heat after dye-ing anyway
WHAT YOU GET: Wig, Wig Head/stand
**BUDGET WIG: this can be a wig from your personal collection that you send to me for services and you only pay price for shipping. Can also mean a lower quality wig and/or styling job.

***HIGH QUALITY WIG: you give me the money for a brand new higher quality wig as well as wig head for styling and shipping