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05-29-2012, 10:31 PM
Super sailor Neptune cosplay for sale:
Comes with:
Sailor fuku with bows (size M-L, Iím a m, but fabric is really stretchy and can fit a large): heart brooch made from resin and fingernail polish. The skirt has a light blue tulle underskirt to poof it outwards. The white part is slightly see-through so wearing a camisole underneath is recommended.
Teal high heels: (not pictured) faded due to lots of use, can be easily red-dyed. Size 7.
Choker necklace with a gold metal star.
Mirror: Anime version made from polymer clay with a soft felt backing. Front has some smudges due to use but is highly accurate.
Wig: Messy but still in great shape. Accurately styled to give a heart shape to the bangs.
Pictures: http://xskyskipper.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4vpto9
http://i45.tinypic.com/xf6o09.jpg (details for the mirror)
Price is $110 includes shipping.

Homura Akemi:
Size is a M-L.
Comes with the detailed top with and purple top, underneath black collar top with purple skirt attached. Two bows with accurate markings.
Black wig.
Shield.(made from a dinner plate and plastic Easter eggs) can be worn over the sleeves with the attached Velcro strap, dented slightly through con use.
Price is$100 and includes shipping.
Pics: http://xskyskipper.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4vq7dg

Princess tutu:
Size is M-L due to stretchyness of fabric.
What you get:
The top camisole(has straps but these can be removed) with built in sports bra.
White fluffy tutu with light pink tulle.
Yellow back wings with blue streamers.
Brooch made from clay, jewels, wire, tulle and beads.
Wig with weft and white feathers.
Price is $60 includes shipping
Pics: http://i48.tinypic.com/jgjdkk.jpg

Advent children Tifa:
Size is XS. (Bought this for a friend to use while I cosplayed Aerith, but she dropped out :/)
Comes with top leather jacket with underneath white camisole.
A pair of short leather gloves.
Shorts with apron and cape with ribbons on the side.
Both the top and bottom are made from very nice comfy leather.
price is $60 plus shipping

Please pm if interested~
I only accept paypal, and ship within the U.S.