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05-30-2012, 10:52 PM

Hi guys!
I'm in need of help with my Astrid cosplay. Mainly her shirt, but also the arm things, skirt and shoulder armour.
With the shirt, i'd like to know the best way to..... make it. I'm probably not going to find fabric like that, so.... any ideas?
Her skirt i'm likely going to use faux leather, but if i can't find the right colour, then a canvas like fabric and interfacing, either way, how should i go about attaching and making the spikes?
The arm things i'm having the same issue with the skirt (although i'm more likely to find fabric printed like that than the shirt) I also need to figure out a way to get them on (there form fitting, and since it's all 'viking like' they likely wouldn't stretch either.)
With the shoulder armour, i have no clue where to start or how to keep them on my shoulders o.o (armour making noob here)

thanks in advance to any replies :3

01-01-2014, 07:19 PM
It looks like a knit from the high resolution photos you found. Have you ever attempted knitting before? It isn't that hard to be honest, I picked the basics up in an afternoon or two. Huzzah for youtube. A simple knit would give you more or less what you are looking for and switching yarns is easy enough. Actually, you could make the different stripes, (decreasing is easy enough) and crochet them together. For the variegated greens, I would suggest your local yarn shop to help with selection. Those ladies are always so helpful.

Make a template.

Faux leather should be alright, but I had the need for some leather and hit up my local Salvation Army Thrift Shop and found a leather coat with the exact shade I was looking for. I needed just a small bit, and it fit the bill.

Alternatively, craft foam (the fun variety) could be your best friend. It is forgiving and affordable. Aim for 1/8" or 1/4" if you can. With some craft paint, a stippling brush and a sealer you can achieve a very convincing piece. Plus it can become any color you want. There is a youtube video out there. I just know it.

SPIKES & Skulls:
Make a mold.
Some sort of clay, paper clay, polymer, or Crayola's model magic. The most impressive glues I have used are Fabri-tac it is clear and works like a cold hot glue. Careful, it can get stringy. E-6000 is impressively strong and takes about 24 hours to fully cure

Stay light!!!
Craft foam reinforced with cross-stitch canvas should do the trick. I would see about getting 1/4" or 1/8" thickness. To mold it, find a curved shape, a glass bowl works well. Take the pre-cut strips you have of both material and heat each individually it with something like a hairdryer or heat gun. Let the foam or the canvas relax under the heat. Let it cool completely, then remove, it should keep it's shape more or less. At which point, gluing should be easy, since all the pieces were molded to the same shape. Before you paint it, you can make it look battle-worn by using tools to make indentations. This should make it more convincing when you distress it with paint.

The knobbly bits on the armor, I would definitely use the crayola air-dry clay "Model Magic". It is light as can be and takes well to most craft paints. (make a mold for consistency). Fairly durable too.

Best of luck in your endeavors! Document the process with pictures. It is always rewarding to see what you have done in the end.

01-08-2014, 11:17 PM
I definitely agree that Astrid's shirt looks knitted. I've scrapped my plans to cosplay her, but knitting it myself was how I had planned to do the shirt. If learning to knit (or making a shirt, even if you already knit) sounds daunting, you could always go out and buy knitted sweaters in a few different shades of green, cut them into strips, and sew them into an arrangement you like. You'd have to be careful that they don't unravel, but you could get a very cool effect that way. Same goes for her arm warmers, but I think you could get away with making something not that form fitting out of some kind of heavy canvas fabric.