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01-31-2004, 12:07 AM
Hello all. I have kind of a strange question to ask and I am hoping it is ok to ask. I was wondering if anyone had room and wanted a passenger to and from A-Kon in June. I am needing a ride to and from Dallas. While I trust my car to get me to and from work and even over short distances, I don't trust it to make the trip to and from Dallas. I am from Oklahoma and would be able to meet a ride anywhere from the Oklahoma City area west to the Texas border and south to the Texas border (basically the bottom left quarter of Oklahoma). I would also be able to make it to North Central Texas around the Wichita Falls area. I have no problem splitting fuel costs. It is kind of early to be asking and a bit awkward considering I am new to the boards and unknown in general, but considering how time seems to sneak up on you I thought it best to go ahead.