View Full Version : ELF EARS - 2 Pair!

06-01-2012, 03:03 PM
$50 (Shipping included if in US)
Ear sizes: Medium & Small.
Color: Pale
I paid about $64 + Shipping for these. So you're getting a deal :) You will receive 2 pairs of ears for one price. Please PM me if you would like to purchase. Yes, I will sell the ears separately for $30 each. I accept PAYPAL only.


'Designed and sculpted by Yaya Han in 2005, They are made of high quality plastic that had been dyed the color of skin. There is no paint on the ears, and therefore no chipping or scratching. The plastic is also an excellent base for acrylic and spray paint should you wish to change the color of the ears.

They are mounted on a comfortable headband with wire embedded into the plastic, which allows them to be adjustable, so you can wear them pointing up, down, back and everywhere in between!

The elf ears are meant to be worn underneath a wig, but you can also wear them like a normal headband over your hair and brush strands of hair to cover the gap between your ears and the elf ears. The best feature? No need for spirit gum or other adhesives! Unlike latex rubber prosthetic ears that can rot over time, our plastic elf ears are durable and will last for many years to come.'