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06-06-2012, 11:45 PM
Ive been making/sewing costumes for over 12 years now. My favorite part is making all the accessories/beadwork/props for them to really bring them to life. I specialize in jewelry (necklaces/hairpieces/beadwork) and handheld props (fans/lolita hats/masks/stuffed animals). I work with a variety of materials depending on the project Im taking on. (clay/wood/wonderflex/paints/plastic/pretty much anything I can get my hands on) I strive for accuracy in whatever I do.
I make things from anime, manga, video games, original designs.
Please check my gallery/profile for my work. (ie. Masks, Lulu's hairsticks, necklaces, plushies: Soupy-kun, Shiina, Moogle, Cactaur)

My price will vary depending on how complex items/materials involved are. Ill work directly with you if you have a budget and will try to work something out. Ill do my best to provide an estimation on how long the time frame will be. I provide in-progress pictures and updates.

I do require half of the payment up front before starting in order to collect any materials nessecary to begin. All prices in canadian funds. I prefer paypal as it tends to be safer.

There are certain items at this time I wont be excepting such as weapons and large scale props and armor. if your unsure please drop me a line and Ill let you know. I work with the pictures you send me. I look forward to working with you. :)

Previous Commissions:
Lulu Hairsticks x2
Howls Moving Castle Jewelry + Calcifer Plush
Yuna Obi, tassel, earring, sleeves, Top
Aisha Clanclan tiara and collar
Jill Valentine shoulder harness

June/July Slots:
- Anatasia crown and neclace