View Full Version : Looking to Start a Japanese inspired visual band.

Sai Kaze
06-11-2012, 01:27 AM
Hello, My Stage Name is Synderella and I'm age 20. I Plan to play Bass in this project, I'm looking for A keyboardist, 2 Guitarists, Drummer and a Lead Singer.
I Figure I'd use Cosplay.com to do this 'cause I need to find some like minded individuals.
I'm located in the City of Austin, Texas. Here is what I'm about from this Craigslist Posting.
If anyone within the Austin area is interested, do not hesitate to let me know if you want in on this.
there is going to be very high visuals and costumes are a plus.
I plan on making this project sound like a mix of Alice nine., 12012, Dir en grey(Pre-withering), and The GazettE.
I'm willing to do anime covers if requested, and I plan on playing at anime conventions and other clubs around the area.
if you wanna hear some music that I had made myself, Look up "Misery Theatre" on reverbnation.com just to give an example of my dedication.