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06-16-2012, 05:51 PM
OPEN FOR FALL / WINTER MONTHS (US orders only! Due to shipping prices always increasing, I can't do any international orders. I'm sorry but it would cost too much to ship them.)

I was taking cosplay shoe commissions for a while last year, but needed to stop because I didn't have the time to take on any more as it came closer to the summer con season. (I have my own stuff to get done and ready for.)

Examples of past work: http://s1189.photobucket.com/albums/z423/kracken29/cosplay%20shoes/

Sora's shoes are in that album 3 times. They were all separate commissions.*

Materials I've used vary; fabric, different types of glue, sewing, craft foam, foamboard (if needed), straps, buckles, grommets. If it's doable I will use it on the shoes.

*If Sora's shoes are needed by someone else, I need to use different "buckles" for the straps. The ones I had been using were discontinued by the manufacturer, so i had to find an alternative. Here you can see the new buckles on my pair, as well as about 2 days of wear had on the soles: http://www.cosplay.com/costume/387666/

My Terms: Payment can be made half and half, or small payments until the shoes are done. Shipping is separate and is calculated by weight and dimensions of the box it's shipped in, as well as where it's going. You can either send me a pair of shoes to work with, or I can get the shoes myself; I would need the correct shoe size to get.

If sending me the shoes to work with I can deduct the price of that shipping from the total. As much as I'd like to reimburse for whatever the shipping is to send me the shoes, I can't afford to do that.

I take my time with everything I make. My work will not be rushed, or made cheaply. When I make something, it's built to last for a while.


What I Need I need this list sent to me, so I know what I'm making. Reference images are very important!! I don't know every character out there, so I need to know what said character looks like; otherwise I have to waste time trying to find the right outfit that the shoes you want are from.

1. Character
2. Series
3. Reference images**important!**
4. Shoe size
5. How you want to pay
- I can take a) split payments (if I have all the materials needed) or b) half now half when the shoes are finished.
I will not take the entire payment all at once, and the last payment isn't needed until the shoes are done and you are happy with how they look. After the last payment is received, the shoes are boxed and weighed and I calculate shipping. I always try to get the cheapest shipping possible

Pricing: Includes price of materials (fabric, glue, craft foam, etc.)+ labor (.

-Depends on what materials I have and what I would have to get. (If I already have the materials needed, then the price will be cheaper because it would just be labor you're paying for + $20 for the base shoe.)

-Labor is how long it takes me to make the shoe. (The less details that are on them, the less amount of time it will take. The more details, the longer it will take.) I generally give myself at least 3 weeks to get them done.

I will not take on a commission if it's due this July or August. I'm sorry, but I can't do it. I will not take a rushed commission. It's too much stress on me to get it done (since it's just me, one person making them) and the finished product would not be made well if it's rushed.

Payment: Paypal only. Once the total is agreed on I need to get the shoes; either myself or by sending a pair you want me to use as the base. If I am getting the shoes myself, I need $20 (out of the total) through Paypal first (sent as a gift, otherwise Paypal takes out fees) to get the base shoe.
As I start the shoes, I will accept either half of the total or a small payment. I can send invoices through Paypal for each payment if desired.
When the last payment is sent I also need the address the shoes will be going to. Once the shoes have been weighed and shipping price is paid, the shoes will be shipped.


Shipping: Depends on how much the shoes weigh in the box they'll be shipped in. I always try to ship them using Priority, since it is faster and it's safer to send that way. Delivery Confirmation with Tracking is included for free. I can use a cheaper shipping if desired.


Contact: Either PM'ing me through here, or by email: kracken0214@hotmail.com, Either way is fine.

I will send an update message whenever there is an update. Since I may forget to send the update message every time I get farther with the shoes, I always send the album link when I first start them; feel free to save the link to check the album yourself, or send me a reminder. I put in each photo description what work has been done to the shoes.

I always test the materials I attach to the shoes after the adhesive has completely dried; i.e. pulling, tugging, stretching, etc. If it's loose or not attached right I will reinforce or reattach whatever is loose.