View Full Version : Photos not appearing in the right order when uploading...

06-18-2012, 05:07 AM
I'm not sure if other people experience this same thing from time to time but it used to happen to me before the forum change and I hoped it would be gone with the new layout and stuff.. but.. it seems it is not. So, the thing is that I just normally upload one photo to a costume and every now and then that photo won't appear in the right order in the cosplay profile. Instead of being the photo showing last (newest uploaded) it ends up being the first one or sometimes even in the middle somewhere. This annoys me to no end because I'm picky about having stuff in the chronological order, ie in the order they were taken and/or originally uploaded. If a photo doesn't appear where it's supposed to I just delete it and try to re-upload it, sometimes it works the second time and sometimes not. Most times not. This is so annoying because it makes photo uploading a hassle for me and a constant "did it end up at the right place now?" fear and checking.

If it matters my photos are always resized before uploading and often around 360 x 640 and 120-250 k each. It changes a bit depending on the photos original size. I use Imageshack for resizing.

Oh, and this can only be noticed at the particular costume profile page the photo is uploaded to. In the other places it looks normal, like the gallery and newest photos and stuff.