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06-19-2012, 12:06 PM
Hey Cosplayers :D I needs help
Im Going with a group of friends to Akicon 2012 and unfortunatly AGAIN Im stuck with Buying/Making ALL of our cosplays. Yay *Twirls finger* Anyways Our Themes for all 3 days are Tokyo Mew Mew, Rosario Vampire, and Soul Eater.
I need:
*Kurumu Kurono Long Talons
*Mizore Shirayuki Ice Claws and Thigh Highs/Stockings
*Kokoa Shcuzen Full Outfit and Wespon Mid evil styled ones
*Maka Albarn Scythe and Boots and Book
*Mew Mint Cosplay
*Mew Lettuce Cosplay
*Mew Pudding Cosplay
And So if you have any Links, Suggestions, or anything that Can help me out with these that would be great :D
Thank you
-<3 Cassie :love:

06-19-2012, 12:22 PM
If you need wigs for any of these, I can do them. ^~^
Send me an e-mail @ brilikesmoose@gmail.com.

Midnight Dawn
06-20-2012, 09:58 AM
Kurumu's talons - fake nails can be bought for this. However I doubt they sell it at that size you're talking about to which you'll most likely need to make yourself by shaping a polymer of some sort and disguising it with a peach like nail polish giving it that nice nail look.
Mizore's socks and claws - Her socks can easily be purchased at a exotic retail store so there shouldn't be any trouble here. As for her claws you'll need to make it right over a glove. However there are many methods to this, so it's up to you what's most convenient.
Kokoa outfit and wespon - wespon should be pretty straight forward to make, but as for her outfit that might be a bit trickier. Her knee high socks ans skirt should be easy enough to attain at a retail store, but the top is another thing as it would take some consideration with fabric types when sewing this together.
Maka's scythe, book, and boots - scythe and book should be pretty straight forward to construct as it's up to your discretion to how you wish to construct them. But if you seriously want to build the boots from scratch, it seems kind of troublesome. You're better off buying the base of it from a either a shoe or thrifty store then there you can modify it with big white belt pieces that you can sew on.
Mint, Lettuce, and Pudding - this would take much consideration in both fabric type and method of sewing as I think these three will take most of your time to construct.


Hope this helps. Is there something you need specifically more help with?