View Full Version : WTB: Vanille butt cape/beads

06-24-2012, 09:10 PM
July 1 update: I got my buttcape. Thanks so much <3 <3

Hi, as the title says, I'm hoping to leapfrog over making the torso section of beads for my Vanille cosplay. Time's running pretty short for me, since the convention I'm looking to wear this to is in mid-August. (Gencon!)

Size wise, the beads would need to have been made for a small/short person. I'm 5'2 and about 100lbs.

I'm looking for the most accurate ones possible.

Please provide pictures.

The only way I'd be interested in comissioning these items would be on a super reassurance that they would be in the mail by the middle of July at the latest. (Hardly plausible, given the time it takes to make things.) I live in Okinawa, Japan but I have an FPO/AP address. Military mail is pretty slow. :)

Feel free to reply here or PM.