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06-28-2012, 02:17 PM
DOC_Chaos on Cosplay.com http://www.cosplay.com/member/58987

I know there are very few reviews of this commissioner (which are positive) and personally, I have dealt with him before and been very pleased. However, this time around, I have had a nightmare of an experience. He missed my deadline saying he was sick and it's the first time he's missed a deadline. For my own safety, I opened a PayPal dispute, waited for progress photos, which were provided, but hardly anything was finished or even started. So I kept the claim open until he responded again, telling me he would have updated photos for me (as of last week) and my items complete at the end of the month, so I let the claim expire. Well, last week came and went, no progress photos. I have sent at least three emails, and nothing. I hopped on FaceBook and there was a new photo posted on the 20th and a customer saying they received their item in June...yet my items were due in May. I'm so annoyed and frustrated. I don't understand why he's choosing to ignore me as a customer, but completing other commissions when mine was clearly due before the other one. It's extremely disheartening. I have posted on the FaceBook page and sent an email demanding an explanation along with the missed photo deadline (which he made himself) and items sent at the end of this month, or I'll file a chargeback with my bank. So far, it's been two days...and nothing. Wouldn't you at least send an email saying photos would be late out of curtsey for the customer if the photos weren't ready? Wouldn't you be even more earnest to get things done if this was the first deadline you've missed, or rather because you missed a deadline period?

Has anyone dealt with this commissioner? If so, was it recently and are you still able to communicate with him? Any other information regarding this commissioner would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

06-28-2012, 02:46 PM
i believe you PMed me about this since ive delt with him..id have to say i have no idea..lol i dont remember exactly what i told you, but he was reaplying fast and worked quick when i delt with him, but after that he wasnt on almost ever..

06-28-2012, 08:20 PM
Oh...typo title!

Anyways, yes, you're correct. I did ask you previously. He started responding a bit, but all throughout communication has been really horrible...and still, I've received no response. It's sad because his work looks amazing, but the lack of communication and the lack of valuing me as a customer is really a big turn off to commission from him. I really hope it all works out because I would much rather have my cosplays, which I've now been waiting months for and have amazing props for, but I guess I'll be going to my bank tomorrow to file a chargeback since it's been over two weeks since he's responded and he's missed his own deadline for photos by over a week. :(

I'm really peeved at my recent experience with commissioners. Even ones with amazing reviews and I've used before with 100% satisfactory are scamming me. I don't understand why.

06-30-2012, 03:17 PM
hmm..yea idk what to say there lol last time i got a response from him was like october..

06-30-2012, 04:08 PM
So just a small and quick update. After sending an e-mail this morning that I was filing with my bank and starting negative reviews, I got an e-mail back. He responded today to one of my e-mails, though it was a super quick response that did not leave me with much information or even an explanation. It basically said he was going to re-send the photos (I never got any...and I've been complaining about it for over a week) and then send my items next week. However, the e-mail didn't contain any photos...and he responded over four or five hours ago and photos haven't arrived either. I sent an e-mail saying I never received them and that I want a tracking number with shipment. I'll probably still get paperwork in case this whole thing goes array. That way, I have the paperwork already filled out, so all I have to do is send it.

I do hope it all ends up for the better though. I do feel he is a talented commissioner, but I just can't stand feeling as though my business to him is just so easily shrugged off. I had looked forward to commissioning from him again, but after this experience, I don't think that's wise...as I would be paranoid and I'm sure he's ready to just get me my items and be done with me. :/