View Full Version : Bug report: post length violation not properly handled

07-01-2012, 02:36 AM
When I make a post that is too long, I get no warning, nor does there appear to be a limitation on how much I can type in the reply box.

If I use quick-reply to make a long post, it simply hangs forever and never responds or posts. If I use advanced, I get an Internal Server Error message.

This happens both in the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox and presumably other browsers as well (not tested).

I think it would be helpful if people could see why their post is not coming through.

IMHO, the simplest solution is probably to set a character limit that posts apparently have as a limit on the text area used to enter our posts. This enforces the limit rather harshly but should at least prevent failed posts.

Alternatively, a counter marking the number of characters left to use (and red negative numbers if you go over), and/or a pop-up which alerts the user they are over the character limit and their post won't work would also be good.

Regardless, hanging of the quick reply or white screens saying "internal server error" are confusing and may lead people to believe the forum is kaput rather than that their post is too long.

07-01-2012, 04:51 AM
I just saw that there is another forum where this should have been made.

Sorry T_T