View Full Version : Teal and platinum blonde wig. TRADE/SELL

07-03-2012, 07:01 PM

Both are for sale. The blonde is 30 with shipping; teal is 25 with shipping. Also, the blonde looks a bit white in the pictures, but it's a nice platinum--a little more yellow tinge to it then what the picture shows. Its not a yellow blonde, though. The bangs are a slight 'hime' style.
The teal is greener than what the picture shows (like Miku-ish), and I got lots of compliments. Soft fibers and flattering for round faces :3 PLEASE PM ME I do not keep track of comments.

Looking to trade for any Naruto cosplay (specifically Sakura, Sasuke , or ANBU and Akatsuki)
OR a light pink wig.