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07-14-2012, 03:24 PM
For the longest time after cosplaying characters that only had gold yellow eyes, but not creepy yellowyellow ones... I found these contacts;

Name of Product: Princess Pinky Twilight Yellow

A photo of me wearing them:
(My makeup was for my cosplay kinda like a trial)

Where Purchased: http://www.pinkyparadise.com/http://www.pinkyparadise.com/Princess_Pinky_Twilight_Brown_p/f30-princess-pinky-twilight-br.htm

Product Description: These are Princess Pinky Twilight Yellow, think Edward Elric's eyes, or Yoko from Tengen Toppa. My natural color is actually fairly similar, a light yellow hazel, however I wanted something even truer to the character's eyes I was cosplaying. These would show up on dark eyes however for sure.

Pros: Matches most gold eyed characters, doesn't look too yellow. The color however is the reason why I would chose these contacts over all the cons in the future if I ever had to repurchase them.
Personally I find that enlargement with circle lenses make me look bug like, although the website lists them as a 14.5mm diameter, they are actually just a standard 14mm-14.2mm. For me, less enlargement is a pro.
Another popular lense, Dolly Eye Brown (I don't have my own photo atm but they look like this: http://www.candylens.com/product_images/uploaded_images/dolly-eye-brown-closed-up2.jpg) is also a popular pick for gold lenses. I owned this pair too and found them way too creepy looking on my own eyes, most likely due to the limbal ring and enlargement.

Cons: I found that they irritated my eyes, I soaked them for over 48 hours in solution for sensitive eyes but you could still feel them (Just feel them, it wasn't like scratching/did not give me a migraine/etc). I have a astigmatism however, that could be the reason why. I did wear them regardless for multiple days at conventions and sometimes at home, eye drops helped.
One thing I did not like at all was that I also found they slid out of place as a blinked, so in some photos they appeared off center a bit. Usually you would never notice unless it was a close up photo however.

Overall Rating: I give them an 8.5, because of the slight irritation and the fact they did not always stay in place. However I would repurchase them for the brilliant color if I ever needed to in the future.

07-15-2012, 12:04 AM
Hey! Thanks for the review. I've been looking for a gold/yellow color lenses and these seem perfect >_<

Quick question, what kind of drops do you use? I also have astigmatism, and my eyes turn red easily [with or without lenses] so I was wondering if there are drops that might help my eye feel more comfy while wearing these.