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07-19-2012, 06:29 PM
this is a review on the pipboy casting by forgeprops.

Name of Product: Pipboy 3000

Where Purchased: Forgeprops.com

Product Description: The item i had ordered was to be the pipboy 3000 casting from the game fallout. Upon receiving the first casting it was loaded with flaws. most of the cast was extremely thin. Ive dealt with this before and can be fixed with epoxy or fiber glass in the right areas. However this cast was thin to the point of transparency. Other flaws found where that in areas it actually had holes and cracks that damaged the structural integrity of the casting. The casting was also extremely rough with a sandy texture to the whole thing. I then received a second mold with the assurance that it would be perfect due to a new mold creation. The second one had the same flaws. Have not heard back from forgeprops since i tried to get ahold of them for a reason for this.

Pros: is 1:1 scale with the rare pipboy clock, cheap

Cons: heavily flawed, poor workmanship, poor business ethics (will not provide a replacement)
Overall Rating: 1